According to various local Chinese media reports, the two Chinese leading online game operators The9 and Shanda may jointly operator a webgame named Jiu Zhou Zhan Ji.

If an agreement can be reached, it will be the first time for the two Chinese online game giants to cooperate with each other after four years of competition.

Developed by The9, Jiu Zhou Zhan Ji was launched on March 31, 2009, and this webgame is the first product launched by The9 since the establishment of its research center in July 2008. According to an insider, Shanda and The9 are currently negotiating joint operation of online games and the focus of the negotiation is Jiu Zhou Zhan Ji.

Rumors persist that CEO of Shanda Li Yu and president of The9 Chen Xiaowei started contact after the 2009 Spring Festival and He Xudong, general manager for The9's research center, also visited Shanda for cooperation. Industry insiders predict that The9 may connect Jiu Zhou Zhan Ji to the online platform of Shanda to share Shanda's resources.

So far, neither Shanda nor The9 has any comment on the rumor.


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