Chinese online game developer and operator LineKong has established a partnership with the Chinese online leisure and entertainment game provider Ourgame and the two companies will jointly operate a LineKong-developed online game named the Legend of Kung-Fu.

The Legend of Kung-Fu is reportedly China's first turn-based kung-fu online game, which is originated from a kung-fu novel by Louis Cha and covers hundreds of classic characters in the novels.

According to LineKong, the Legend of Kung-Fu will undergo a large scale update this month to provide better experiences to users and by then, Ourgame and LineKong's other partners, including the Hong Kong-based Csoft, will all participate in the game operation based on the new edition.

Both LineKong and Ourgame are optimistic about this cooperation. Wang Feng, chairman and CEO of LineKong, told local media that while providing services to users with the current platform, LineKong is willing to cooperate with more quality platforms. Ourgame has a solid user foundation and good operating capacity. The cooperation with Ourgame will bring benefits to both of the two companies.

Frank Kwok Leung, president of Ourgame, told local media that Ourgame is one of the first companies that tapped the joint operation of online games in China. LineKong has considerable strength in online game development and the cooperation with LineKong will further enrich the contents of Ourgame's game platform and benefits the users of Ourgame.

A representative from LineKong said that the company has started the closed beta test of its history-themed 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game named Hero. At the same time, two other online games, Journey to the West and Warrior King, are also undergoing beta tests and are expected to start commercial operation this year.


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