China's TCL Group has published its sales statistics for March 2009 and states that its LCD TV sales in the domestic Chinese market surged by 356.6% year-on-year during the month.

The company said it sold 361,746 LCD TVs worldwide in March, an increase of 53.2% compared with the same period last year. At the same time, the number of its LCD TVs sold in the first three months of 2009 was 1,198,707, an increase of 122.3%, of which, the sales in the domestic market increased by 235.3%. In addition, its overseas markets and sales of OEM LCD TVs maintained stable growth, and its audio-visual products, because of the contracts gained from its current and new strategic clients, attained sales of 1,655,316 sets in March, a year-on-year increase of 32.4%.

For the communications sector, TCL sold 2,276,115 mobile phones and data cards from January to March 2009. TCL Communication, the communications subsidiary of the group, said affected by the global financial crisis, the company's sales of mobile phones and data cards saw a year-on-year decrease to 947,152 in March 2009. However, it has adopted a series of measures to deal with the crisis and the sales nationwide had increased by 61.44% compared with February 2009, of which, the sales in the overseas markets increased by 46.32%.

Yang Xingping, newly appointed CEO of TCL Communication, told local media that TCL Communication's core operating strategy this year will focus on the 3G business. The company will not only explore the TD-SCDMA market in China, but also will add new profit models of sales of contents and services to its current profit model, which is to sell hardware alone.

In addition, TCL Group said the production capacity of its LCD module production line had reached 58,968 by March 2009. With the continuous expansion of the production capacity, the costs of TCL's LCD modules will be reduced, which will enable the company to accelerate the launch of new products, improve the design of products, reduce distribution costs, and improve its competitiveness.


  1. I brought a TCL LCD Model 42B66 When I was visting china three years
    ago .Now I can't watch the TV because its Powersupply unit burnt out.
    AMPCBSXDV 9000.How can I buy new power supply unit.Please answer me


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