Chinese telecommunications operator China Mobile has selected six PC makers, including Lenovo Group, Founder Technology, Tongfang, Haier, HP, and Dell, as its 3G netbook partners.

China Mobile will reportedly implement in-depth marketing cooperation with these six companies in product promotion and activity planning.

Similar with the sales of customized mobile phones, China Mobile will give certain subsidies to users who buy its 3G netbooks. Consumers can enter the serial numbers and the numbers of the built-in TD-SCDMA module of the netbooks with their mobile phones to activate the 3G services, and then they can get the subsidies. The subsidies include two kinds: one is CNY2,100, including CNY600 call fees and CNY1,500 data service fees; and the other is CNY1,500, including CNY600 call fees and CNY900 data service fees.

At the same time, China Mobile also set sales expectations for netbook providers and set consumption thresholds for consumers, which will decide which kind of subsidy they will gain. For example, consumers who promise to spend more every month and PC providers who promise greater sales will gain the subsidy of the higher level.


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