Chinese search engine has revealed that to improve the wireless search experience of users, the company is carrying out a range of technological optimizing services, including the traffic compression of web pages.

At present, users who visit Internet websites via Baidu's wireless search function will save 90% of their bandwidth traffic compared with visiting these websites directly through their mobile phones, which means, the visiting speed will be increased by up to 40 times.

Generally speaking, surfing the Internet with mobile phones faces bandwidth restrictions in China. If the sizes of the pages are too large, users will have to wait for a long time to open these pages and the data may even get lost, which will degrade users' enjoyment of wireless surfing. To deal with this problem, Baidu implements compression and optimization in the web page search results with its unique transcoder technology to improve users' experience.

According to a technician from Baidu, the current sizes of web pages are usually about 70 kilobytes to 80 kilobytes and those of front pages may reach over 200 kilobytes. However, with the transcoder technology of Baidu, the sizes of these pages will be controlled at about five kilobytes while ensuring the quality of these pages.


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