CR-Nielsen, the Chinese joint venture of the international market research firm Nielsen, has published the latest statistics of the most popular social networking services websites in China, with tops the ranking list by weekly independent visits of 14 million people.

According to the report, from December 1 to December 28, 2008, Chinese domestic SNS websites,,, and won the first four places of the ranking list with weekly independent visits of 14 million, 9.5 million, 7 million, and 3.5 million, respectively.

Foreign SNS websites such as,, and list at the fifth, the ninth, and the tenth positions with weekly independent visits of two million, 900,000, and 800,000.

The rest are,, and, ranking from the sixth to the eighth, and all these three websites claim the weekly independent visits of about one million.

In addition, Tencent's SNS website Q-zone, which says over 200 million users login its website every month, is not included in the top ten SNS websites in China.

CR-Nielsen says though there are a large number of SNS websites in China, those from the United States are not able to occupy the dominant positions in the Chinese market, due to the culture and language differences and the limits of system and regulations.


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