Hainan's Cultural Bureau is carrying out a program jointly with local media to expose illegal netcafes in the southern Chinese province.

Six kinds of netcafes are subject to exposure in the media. The six are "black" netcafes, which have never been fully licensed; netcafes that have already had their business licenses confiscated in the past; netcafes that accept more than eight teenagers at one time inside their facilities; netcafes that prolong business hours and accept teenagers during the late hours; netcafes that provide pornographic information on their servers; and netcafes that accept teenagers without proper identification.

Zheng Jian, a representative from Hainan's Cultural Bureau, said that netcafes that accept more than eight teenagers at one time for an accumulated three times shall have their business licenses revoked. In addition, the violators will be exposed in the local Hainan media.

Consumers in China can call 12318 or 66810862 to report illegal activities at netcafes. The first batch of 41 websites that are accused of allowing teenagers admission to their respective outlets and providing pornographic content have been exposed in the media.


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