Chinese search engine has upgraded the credit system of its Internet shopping platform Youa, providing comprehensive credit information of vendors.

The new credit system, which covers specific information on honesty, service, and delivery speed of vendors, aims to improve the shopping experiences of consumers. With the new system, the credit pages of the online shops of Youa will not only display the satisfaction degree of consumers, but also can show consumers' grading on whether the actual products are consistent with the descriptions, the service attitude of vendors, and the delivery speed of the products.

Compared with traditional online shopping credit systems which generally only provide basic vendor feedback, the new credit system of Youa pays more attention to consumers' experiences on specific services, which is convenient for consumers to learn more about the services of vendors.

In addition, the new credit pages will display all guarantee services the vendors provide, including real-name registration, recommended shops by Youa, and gold medal star shops.

Li Mingyuan, general manager for's e-commerce business department, said that credit and guarantee services of vendors are important references for online shopping consumers.


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