Chinese telecommunications operator China Mobile has announced plans to invest CNY20 million in Guangxi in the next three years to realize TD-SCDMA network coverage in all prefecture-level cities in the region.

China Mobile revealed that its investment in 2009 will be over CNY5 billion.

Under the cooperative framework agreement signed by China Mobile and the government of the Guangxi Autonomous Region, China Mobile will fully support Guangxi's construction of information technology as well as the development of its information industry. During the next three years, China Mobile will promote its cooperative partners' building of manufacturing bases and research centers in Guangxi to create 100,000 jobs for the region and to stimulate annual market demands of CNY4 billion. In return, the Guangxi government said it will support China Mobile's strategic transition and business development.

The two parties will also implement in-depth cooperation on TD-SCDMA construction and application, e-government project, and information construction in rural areas.

Prior to this, China Mobile signed similar agreements with Henan, Jiangsu, Sichuan, and Hubei.


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