According to reports in Taiwanese local media, Chinese telecommunications operator China Unicom will launch Uphone, a smartphone product based on Google's Android platform, in late June or July 2009.

On the other hand, China Unicom's negotiation with Apple about the introduction of Apple's 3G iPhone into China has lasted for several months, but no official agreement has been reached. Recent rumors said that the negotiation between the two parties has not gained any substantial progress and China Unicom has lowered the priority of the introduction of the iPhone. Apple this week unveiled in the United States its latest smartphone, the iPhone 3GS.

Another Chinese telecom operator, China Mobile, has also announced plans to launch its Android-based smartphone, Ophone, in the fourth quarter of 2009. In addition, China Mobile will reportedly launch a customized mobile phone, HTC Magic, this month.


  1. This is not at all a surprise. China Unicom’s UPhone and UniPlus have been long in the works. This move mirrors and matches China Mobile’s Android OPhones and their proprietary OPhone mobile operating system (MOS) which is still under intense development.

    China Unicom may be Appleizing** but they are smart enough to know that UPhone and UniPlus (MOS) may not allow them to grab market share away from China Mobile. Hence, they will partner with Apple to offer an official iPhone in China. UPhones and iPhones can exist side-by-side in China Unicom’s inventory. The Chinese consumer will ultimately pick the winners.

    Oh, by the way … Today’s (June 10, 2009) latest Apple Job Posting – Program Manager, Beijing China. Duties: Responsible for supporting and managing iPhone Training Program across Asia. Responsibilities will include working with all carrier partners that sell iPhone to implement and design training programs. Individual will work with the Apple Sales Teams on planning and training retail channel partner personnel on selling iPhone.

    More details

    **Appleizing = Carriers attempt to offer cool customized smartphones with a proprietary mobile operating system (MOS) designed to promote their own wireless value added services – WVAS.

  2. Any idea when the iphone3GS is launching in Hongkong? I went to the Fortress store near Times Square and they do not know when it is coming out and what price is should be.


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