Netease, one of the major email service providers in China, has launched a credit email alliance and the alliance has been joined by many companies from the finance, third-party payment, e-commerce and online games industries.

By making use of its expertise in anti-fraud and anti-spam, Netease provides encryption technology for the certification of the credit email alliance. Companies who join the alliance will have two logos displayed in their emails for users to identify: one is the logo of the company and the other is the logo of certification of the alliance.

More than 20 companies, including,, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and have joined the credit email alliance of Netease. Many more, which are mostly financial companies, have expressed the intention of cooperating with the alliance.

Netease is also using the certification sign on its five affiliated email services: 163 free email, 126 free email, free email, vip163 and vip188.

With its entry into the enterprise email service market in March this year, Netease has 300 million email users and six email service brands.


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