Two major Chinese telecommunications operators, China Mobile and China Telecom, have published their operating statistics for May 2009.

China Mobile said the number of its new users increased by 5.12 million in May, which was a slight slowdown compared with the 5.82 million newly-added users in April. By the end of May 2009, the total number of China Mobile's users had reached 488.1 million. In addition, about 746,000 users used China Mobile's 3G network services in May.

China Telecom reported 2.2 million new mobile phone users in May 2009; while the number was 1.87 million in April. By the end of May 2009, the number of China Telecom's mobile phone users was 36.91 million. In addition, the number of newly-added broadband users for China Telecom was 750,000 in May, an increase compared with the 720,000 in April, but the number of its fixed line users decreased by 1.35 million to 200.75 million during the month.


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