The Ministry of Health of China has published the "Regulation on Internet Medical and Health Information Service Management", which states that websites are prohibited to spread pornographic contents under the guise of sexual research or education.

The regulation, which will be effective from July 1, 2009, points out that the health channels of comprehensive portal websites in China should not provide sexual research content services, and medical and health websites engaged in sexology research should only be open to relevant clinical and research professionals.

The regulation states that websites that want to provide sex knowledge propaganda should provide the sources of the information in prominent positions. The information, which needs to be checked by medical and health professionals, should not be transferred or adapted from illegal publications; contents of sexology research, including sexual psychology, sexual ethics, sexual medicine, and sex-related treatments, should not be glamorized in the propaganda; and websites are prohibited from spreading pornographic content.

It is still unclear what kind of impact the art world will feel from this new regulation in regards to photos and pictures of nude humans.


  1. I respect the Chinese people. I am humbled by their extensive history and culture. I currently am enrolled in a philosophy and sex class at phoenix college in pursuit of a business law degree. I am eager to know whether the reasons behind this decision has to do with the effect of the mind. Thank you.


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