According to the spokesperson from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the installation of the Green Dam Youth Escort software can be delayed for those PC manufacturers who are not yet ready for providing the software bundled with their computers.

The spokesperson said during a press conference that the MIIT started to communicate with major PC manufacturers about the pre-installation of information filtering software in March 2009 and gained support from many of them. They decided the time for the pre-installation on the basis of communication, but some enterprises recently said that the workload is too heavy and they are not fully prepared.

Therefore, MIIT now allows PC makers to delay the installation of the software in accordance to their actual situation. At the same time, the free download service of the software will continue to be offered after July 1, 2009, and the promotion and installation of the software in schools and Internet cafes will also be continued. In addition, the ministry encourages PC makers that have already installed the software to expand their markets.

The Chinese government previously sent notices to major PC makers, asking them to pre-install the Green Dam Youth Escort software, which aims to prevent young people from harmful information and pornographic websites, in their PCs sold in China after July 1, 2009.


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