A development platform named xFace, which is jointly built by the China Telecom Sichuan branch and a Chengdu local technology corporation, has been launched.

This platform, which includes an xFace application and development training center, a testing center, and a developer community, aims to provide mobile Internet application and development tools and testing services. The xFace framework supports platforms such as Microsoft's Windows Mobile, Nokia's Symbian, and MediaTek's MTK. It provides free-of-charge training and downloads of relevant software development tools to developers and helps them test their program products.

At present, the platform mainly targets university graduates and will train over 700 students this year to participate in this software development plan. In the future, it will also introduce social networking developers. The goal of this platform for 2009 is to attract over 10,000 developers and produce more than 100 mobile Internet application products.

So far, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, formerly Chengdu Electronic Information Engineering College, has signed a letter of intent with China Telecom Sichuan and organized ten teams of students to develop software products with the xFace platform.

After the successful development of the software, the technology corporation will be responsible for the authentification of these products and putting them into the market. The developers will gain 40% profits of these products while China Telecom and the technology partner will gain 30%, respectively.


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