China's three major telecom operators, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom, have published their operating statistics for June 2009.

According to operating statistics published by China Mobile, the number of its newly added users in June was 5.019 million, a growth slowdown compared with the 5.12 million new users in May. The number of its 3G service users increased by 213,000, which also slowed compared with the 232,000 new users in May. By the end of June 2009, China Mobile has had about 493 million users, of which, 959,000 are users of 3G services.

Compared with China Mobile, whose total user and 3G user growth both slowed, its competitor China Telecom continued to see large user growth. In June 2009, the number of China Telecom's CDMA users increased by 2.37 million and the number was 2.2 million in May. During the month, the number of China Telecom's fixed line users decreased by 1.39 million to 199.36 million and the number of its broadband users increased by 810,000 to 49.05 million.

China Unicom's latest report states that its GSM network gained 862,000 new users in June, an increase of 26.39% compared with the 682,000 new users in May, and the total number of its users reached 140.377 million. In addition, its broadband business gained 980,000 new users, an increase of 25.8% compared with the 779,000 new users of the previous month, reaching a total number of 34.913 million. For the fixed line sector, China Unicom lost 255,000 users in June and the total number of its fixed line users was 108.452 million.


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