Microsoft has formally launched its Windows Phone 7.5 operating system in mainland China, marking the official entry of this mobile OS into the Chinese market.

During the launch meeting, three types of smartphones, including Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Titan, and ZTE Tania, using Windows Phone OS were displayed. In addition, Samsung's new Windows Phone product will reportedly be launched in mainland China soon.

Microsoft announced that there have been over 70,000 applications based on the Windows Phone OS, of which about 2,000 are available in Chinese language.

So far, many smartphone makers such as HTC, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Dell and ZTE have launched their Windows Phones. Statistics provided by the market research firm Gartner showed that in the fourth quarter of 2011, Windows Phones had 1.9% market share in the global smartphone market; and the sales of Windows Phones were 2.759 million units.

Microsoft formally launched its Windows Phone OS in October 2010 along with the first batch of ten smartphones, targeting the U.S. and European markets. In May 2011, the company launched Windows Phone 7.5, with the codename of Mango, in the U.S.

It is said that Nokia will launch its first batch of Windows Phone products in mainland China on March 28, 2012. Prior to this, Microsoft has opened its Windows Phone application store to the Chinese market.


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