U.S.-headquartered technology company Advanced Micro Devices has signed a strategic cooperative memorandum with the municipal government of Shenyang, Liaoning province, marking the beginning of the company's strategic distribution in the northeastern market of China.

Under the memorandum, the Shenyang government and AMD will implement long-term strategic cooperation in areas such as industry application software, integrated circuits, digital equipment, industrial automation, high performance computing, and animation. The two parties will play with their respective advantages to jointly build an AMD technology application platform and promote the development of the local application software and integrated circuit design industries.

Meanwhile, AMD will make Shenyang an important base for its development in the northeastern areas. In return, the government of Shenyang will create a good public environment and provide preferential policies to aid the construction of AMD and its partners' information projects.

In addition, the two parties will discuss the possibilities of training integrated circuit design and information talents as well as offering trainings related to worldwide information technology development and corporate management.


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