China Mobile Shenyang Branch has set up a high frequency transmission base station near a kindergarten in Shenyang's Dongling district, which parents and teachers think may threaten the health of the children in the kindergarten.

CMSB's transmission base station was built on the roof of a 2-floor building. Being about 20 meters tall, the base station is only several meters away from the kindergarten.

Local media quoted parents of children of the kindergarten as saying that they were very worried about the negative effect of the transmission base station on the health of their child. Besides, teachers of the kindergarten, which has more than 500 pupils, also expressed their concern over the bad influence of the base station on the children.

However, Zhang Wei, deputy general manager of CMSB, told media that there was no problem with the base station as it was built correctly and its construction was also approved by the local environmental department. However local media also reports that according to a document issued by Shenyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the base station should be located in Lidu Garden in Dadong district, but the company moved it to the current place. In another words, the company built the current base station incorrectly in the present location.

It is understood that the electromagnetic radiation of TB base stations may be harmful to people, particularly vulnerable groups such as senior citizens, children and pregnant women.

So far, there has been no comment from China Mobile on this issue of the Lidu Garden report.


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