To meet the demands of the fast-growing 3G mobile phone users in China, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Coolpad has launched the first major 3G video call center in China.

According to Coolpad, this move aims to rapidly handle the service issues of customers with the help of the new 3G technologies and to enhance customers' understanding of the 3G services. With the development of the 3G market, more 3G-based service models will be launched.

Coolpad said while researching 3G mobile phones of different modes, the company is also planning and building its new 3G service system. It has upgraded its original customer call center and added the video call center. Based on the former customer hotline service, the new video hotline service is available from 09:00 to 18:00 every day.

Yi Wenfeng, director for Coolpad's customer service center, told local media that services provided by the new 3G video call center include two major categories. One is basic after-sales services, covering problems caused by mobile phone software breakdown and improper operation; the other is a guide service, including video experience, introduction of mobile phone functions, and operational guide for new users.


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