Chinese telecom operator China Mobile has announced plans to recruit 100,000 experienced mobile phone application products users to test the applications provided in its new mobile phone application online store Mobile Market.

According to information published in Mobile Market's developer community, users participating in this testing team can use the relevant applications for free during the testing period. In addition, China Mobile will give prizes to attract more people to join the program.

Apart from these users, China Mobile's special terminal software testing lab will be responsible for the daily tests of Mobile Market. These tests cover basic functions, security, performance, stability, and availability. The lab will grade the applicability of different terminal applications in accordance to China Mobile's terminal software standards.

Scheduled to be launched in mid-August, Mobile Market is China Mobile's new mobile phone application online store constructed by ASPire Technologies and China Mobile Guangdong. It is operated by China Mobile's data department and is a preemptive assault on a possible future cooperation between rival China Unicom and Apple for an iPhone-related App Store in China.


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