During the Baidu Technology Innovation Conference held this week, Robin Li, CEO of Baidu.com, published the company's new concept named "box computing" for the first time.

According to Li, "box computing" is a simple and reliable interactive mode for Internet services. With this platform, users can ask for whatever they want and enter their needs in the search box. Then Baidu.com's search system will identify the search requirements; allocate the requirements to the optimal applications and contents providers; and finally return the search results to the users.

Under this concept, all Internet-based application demands will be directly satisfied by this "box" in the future. For example, people could only search for web pages via Baidu.com in the past. Currently, people can use various applications on Baidu.com, including dictionary, calculator, calendar, map, and train time query. In the future, the company will be able to provide other applications such as video, anti-virus, game, shopping, and financial management through its search box.

In addition, Li Yinan, chief technology officer of Baidu.com, introduced the five major products under the "box computing" concept, including the Alading platform, the new-generation Baidu map search engine, Baidu Baike, "palm Baidu", and Phoenix Nest. Li said Baidu.com will soon release the "palm Baidu" product and to transfer Baidu.com's "box computing" from the traditional Internet to wireless terminals.


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