Chinese online game developer and entertainment operator Giant Interactive Group has announced that it has acquired a 51% in Xuelang Software in Hangzhou as a part of its "Winning in Giant" program.

With the acquisition, Giant Interactive Group will initially invest CNY40 million for the promotion of Xiantu Online, a 2.5D-view online game developed by Xuelang Software.

Founded at the end of 2007, Xuelang Software's core team boasts that it is formed by graduates from Stanford University and Zhejiang University. The company has its own 2.5D massively multiplayer online role-playing game engine with independent intellectual property rights.

Gu Jianbin, a spokesperson from Giant Interactive Group, told local media that the cooperation with Xuelang Software is only a beginning and they will pay continuous attention to Hangzhou, where many potential acquisitions are located. Meanwhile, online game developers in Hangzhou are welcome to contact the company and join the "Winning in Giant" program.

The "Winning in Giant" program is an online game venture platform launched by Giant Interactive Group in January 2009. Online game development teams who join the platform can gain marketing and capital support from Giant Interactive Group as well as a meager 20% profit share. Since the launch of the platform, over 2,800 foreign and Chinese online game development teams have shown interest and five of them have joined the platform, launching over ten online game products.


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