Hong Kong's Office of the Telecommunications Authority states that a mobile virtual network operator, Trident Telecom Ventures Limited, had notified OFTA that it relinquished its license to OFTA.

MVNO services of Trident have been suspended since December 1, 2008, when its service agreement with its hosting mobile network operator was terminated because of a contractual dispute. Due to OFTA's mediation between Trident and its hosting mobile network operator, affected customers had been given two weeks' advance notice before the service suspension.

According to OFTA's records, Trident has less than 20,000 active pre-paid SIM users who are end customers at the time of service suspension. In the past nine months, the number porting to other mobile networks has been carried out smoothly according to the requests of Trident's customers. Over 32,000 porting cases have been completed indicating that a substantial number of the users, who held Trident's active pre-paid SIM cards at the time of service suspension, should have ported their numbers to other mobile networks, while migration of pre-paid SIM cards held by the distributors accounted for the rest.

"During the service suspension period, Trident has, upon OFTA's request, set up a hotline for refund registration and to follow up requests from its customers for number porting to other mobile networks. OFTA has also advised Trident not to release, on its own or via its distributors, any unsold pre-paid SIM cards to end customers. In the service suspension period, Trident has been trying to liaise with other mobile network operators with a view to resuming its services, but to no avail. OFTA did not revoke Trident's license during this period as so doing will halt further number porting and make Trident's attempt of service resumption impossible," stated an OFTA spokesperson in a press release.


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