Chinese Internet company Tencent has launched a web-based version of its instant messaging product QQ, which allows its users to use the service without any installation of software.

This new WebQQ is designed to meet the demands of business users, who often can not install software on their computers because of security constraints. Former QQ users only need to enter their QQ accounts and passwords on the webpage to gain access to the various QQ services; and no software installation is required.

The page and function designs of WebQQ are similar with Tencent's another business-oriented product, QQ email box. Compared with the traditional client-based QQ, WebQQ not only enhances its commercial functions such as the management of groups and the transfer of files, but also pays special attention to some social networking service functions.

Ji Shunyou, assistant general manager for Tencent's instant messaging products and person in charge of Tencent's web products, told local media that WebQQ is not only a simple web version of QQ, but it will be a multi-functional platform that enables users to complete Internet operations on one single page.

Ji revealed that more new functions of WebQQ will be launched during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, including venue information and map inquiries.


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