China Mobile Charity Foundation, the first fundraising foundation within China's telecommunications industry, has been unveiled in Beijing.

CMCF is a fundraising foundation launched by China Mobile with an initial fund of CNY100 million, and it is subject to the supervision of China's Ministry of Civil Affairs. The mission of the CMCF is to offer support to and carry out various charity programs; promote the construction of a harmonious society; and push forward sustainable development. The business scope of CMCF covers aiding people in China; implementing charity programs like study-aid and environmental protection activities; and offering emergency donations to disaster-affected areas.

Zhang Chunjiang, president of CMCF, said that the establishment of CMCF is an important decision that China Mobile has made to promote and implement charity programs, and it is helpful for China Mobile to advance its charity work and oversee the sustainable development of its charity undertakings.

So far, Li Zhengmao, vice president of China Mobile, and Zhang Baoqing, councilor of China Education Development Foundation, have signed the first cooperation program for CMCF. Under the program, China Mobile will donate CNY35 million to support the construction of 500 multimedia classrooms and 500 "love libraries" in addition to training 33000 headmasters for the middle and primary schools in the poor areas in the middle and western parts of China in the coming three years.


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