Shanghai SmartPay Jieyin is partnering with Lu Hai Kong travel agency in Hefei, Anhui Province, to jointly launch mobile and telephone based payment for airline electronic tickets.

As part of the launch promotion, customers who buy airline e-ticket in Lu Hai Kong ticket agency and process payment via interactive voice response (IVR) or short messaging service (SMS) will receive complementary travel insurance with CNY 400,000 indemnification. Customers can purchase airline tickets via IVR or SMS after a simple registration process, and simply show the airline their ID card while boarding a flight.

Airline tickets purchased via IVR and SMS offer significant convenience for consumers. Customers eliminate paper tickets, no longer have to pay with cash as is most typical in China, and use a boarding pass as proof of purchase. This convenience has created a loyal following for SmartPay airline ticketing partnerships already launched in Chongqing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Greg Shen, CEO of SmartPay Jieyin, commented, "Airline E-ticketing requires collaboration between travel-related service companies, banks and payment processors. As a leading financial payment service provider, we can implement significant value-added applications with our partner merchants to ensure better functionality, access to a broader customer base and transaction security.


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