, the Internet shopping subsidiary of the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba, has announce the opening of registration of its second-level domains.

At present, reservation of the SLDs is still undergoing trial operation and only's vendors who buy the website's paid service named "Wang Pu" for three months or those whose "Wang Pu" service is valid in the next 12 months can participate in the trial of this new service.

At the same time, emphasized that the company is still the owner of these domains and it has the right to revoke them.

According to, a SLD will consist of two parts. The prefix part can be set by vendors, so long as it is not against the relevant rules set by; and the last part will be Therefore, a domain might look like

The company further explained that domain names that have already been used are not available and those related to the names of cities and regions, proprietary vocabulary words, and well-known websites will not be opened for registration. In addition, famous trademarks and common trademarks that are constrained by the Trademark Law of China cannot be used.


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