Approved by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chongqing has started construction of 12 international data channels with bandwidth of 155 megabytes each to ensure the secure and rapid data transmission for software outsourcing enterprises in the city.

A representative from Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Committee told local media that Chongqing is trying to create the best area for the software and information outsourcing industry to grow in China's inland areas. At present, the information exchanges between Chongqing's outsourcing companies and the outside world are mainly realized via the Internet. However, problems such as narrow bandwidth, network delays, and high loss rate of data block the development of the industry. To improve the Internet conditions, the committee decided to build 12 new international data channels in addition to the reconstruction of its existing ones.

These new international data channels will mainly serve software and information outsourcing companies in Chongqing's Xiyong, New North Zone, and Yongchuan. The construction of these channels is expected to be completed at the end of 2009.

Since 2002, Chongqing's software and information outsourcing industry has developed rapidly with an annual growth rate of over 30%. By the end of 2008, its total output had reached CNY20 billion and the revenue from this industry is expected to reach CNY50 billion by 2012.


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