Hong Kong's Office of the Telecommunications Authority has accredited four local certification bodies to provide a full range of equipment testing and certification services on a non-exclusive basis.

The first batch of four LCBs accredited to provide testing and certification services are Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Limited, Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited, SGS Hong Kong Limited and TUV Rheinland Hong Kong Limited.The four LCBs will commence service on October 1, 2009.

A spokesperson states that OFTA will transfer the testing and certification services, which have been provided by OFTA up to now, to local LCBs. After the transfer of the testing and certification services to the private sector, OFTA will continue to monitor the certification process and the performance of the LCBs.

In Hong Kong, the technical specifications for telecommunications equipment are prescribed by the Telecommunications Authority. Equipment which has been evaluated to be in compliance with the relevant technical specifications may be granted a certificate under the Telecommunications Ordinance. Currently, such certificates are issued by the OFTA.

The certification fee which the LCBs will levy during the first year of operation will stay at the same level currently charged by OFTA. The fee may be adjusted in the second year, subject to a maximum increase of 15%. A review will be conducted in early 2011 to determine the fee revision control mechanism that will apply after September 2011.


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