Chinese online game developer and operator NetDragon Websoft has announced that it has launched the open beta testing for the Arabic version of its online game "Conquer Online".

Since its debut in 2003, "Conquer Online" has been developed in various languages. While maintaining its traditional qualities, such as the martial arts style and five professional play modes, the Arabic version released this time also includes specially designed Arabian costumes.

With its alpha testing at the beginning of 2009, the Arabic version of "Conquer Online" became the first Chinese-made online game that has successfully entered the Middle East and North African market.

Established in 1999, NetDragon has developed and is operating a range of massively multiplayer online games, including Way of the Five, Eudemons Online, Conquer Online, Zero Online, and Heroes of Might & Magic Online. Its new products undergoing development include Tian Yuan and Disney Fantasy Online, which are expected to be launched in 2009; and another new online game named Dungeon Keeper Online will be released in 2010.


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