The Anti-Phishing Alliance of China has decided to cooperate with the international network security company Netcraft to jointly fight phishing and hacking websites in China.

Statistics published at the annual conference of APAC show that by October 22, 2009, a total of 8,342 phishing websites had been punished and none of these websites had any complaints after punishments were levied. Tencent, and the website of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China are reportedly the top three targets of phishing websites and over 80% of the total phishing website reports are related to these three websites.

According to APAC, the handling of phishing websites with .cn domain names is currently smooth and overseas phishing websites with .com domain names will be the future focus of the alliance. Therefore, APAC has signed cooperative letters of intent with the international network security company Netcraft and the browser provider Maxthon to jointly develop measures, including a blacklist and browser warnings, to fight these overseas phishing websites.

APAC states it has also reached cooperation with the Anti-Phishing Working Group, an international anti-phishing organization, to make exchanges of phishing website statistics and to increase its anti-phishing measures with the help of the related processing system of APWG.


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