Following the cancellation of incoming call fees for some of its users from October 1, 2009, China Telecom has announced new policies to reduce the roaming fees for its CDMA users visiting Taiwan and Macau from November 1, 2009.

According to the new policies, China Telecom's CDMA network users who roam to the networks of Taiwan and Macau only need to pay CNY0.5 per minute for making a call on the local networks, reduced from the previous price of CNY2.89 per minute; the price for receiving an incoming call will be reduced from CNY2.89 per minute to CNY1 per minute; and the price for dialing back to the mainland will be lowered from CNY5.89 per minute (CNY4.89 for dialing from Macau to Zhuhai) to CNY1 per minute.

The largest price decrease rate for these new policies is reportedly up to over 83% and the average price decrease rate is over 65%.

With the implementation of the new roaming fees, China Telecom will be the first telecom operator that lowers its roaming fees in Taiwan and Macau to below CNY1 and it will also be the one offering the lowest roaming fees in these two regions.


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