Simon Leung, chairman and CEO for Microsoft Greater China, has recently revealed the company's anti-piracy policies for its newly launched Windows 7 operating system and he said that pirated software users will receive notifications, instead of the black screens as previously feared.

According to Leung, Microsoft China will implement three anti-piracy measures: first, it will enhance the authentication technology of Windows 7. If a user does not pass the authentication, the operating system will not be activated.

Second, the company will attract more authentic software users with its low-price policy. Leung said Microsoft China can set the price for Windows 7 independently and the lowest price for the new operating system in China is CNY399, which is much lower than that of the previous Windows XP and Vista systems. The price is also the lowest around the world.

Third, pirated Windows 7 users will receive warnings, instead of black screens. Mike Nash, Microsoft's global vice president, said that if users do not pass the authentication, the system will continuously send notifications to advise them to buy authentic software, but the previous black screen threats will no longer be adopted.

Microsoft launched the black screen measure to fight piracy in China in 2008. With this move, computers with unauthorized Windows XP Professional will show a black screen when starting the computer and the users have to reset the background to realize normal use, but the black screen will re-occur every 60 minutes.


  1. Some facts mentioned in the article is inaccruate. This is very likely to be misquote. According to Microsoft's announcment earlier this year on Windows 7's enhanced antipiracy technology – Windows Activation Technologies. It says that " If a copy of Windows installed on an end-user’s PC remains unactivated past the initial grace period, or if activation or validation does not successfully complete, then the copy of Windows is not considered to be genuine, and notifications will begin to appear. One example of this is a balloon notification that will appear above the system tray and advises the user to activate their copy of Windows. Another example is a persistent desktop notification that is shown on top of a plain black desktop background."


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