Chinese software, security, and online game provider Kingsoft has announced the formal launch of its wireless Internet site,, providing various mobile phone application services to users who surf via mobile phones.

Li Wanqiang, general manager of this new website, told local media that as the mobile phone WAP site of Kingsoft, the new website is an open network platform, which provides downloads of mobile phone-oriented software, games, themes, pictures, and ringtones to mobile phone users.

According to the report, the application programs provided on the website are not developed by Kingsoft, but a collection of those developed by other Chinese and foreign companies. The website is reportedly Kingsoft's only open cooperative platform. So far, the website has reached cooperation with nearly 100 mobile phone software developers with access to hundreds of thousands of application programs.

Li said with the development of the 3G technologies and the innovation of mobile phone applications, this new website has become Kingsoft's strategic deployment for its comprehensive distribution in the Internet sector. Apart from the newly launched website, Kingsoft previously launched a mobile phone dictionary website.


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