Intel Capital, Intel's investment unit, has announced that it has invested USD25 million in seven companies, including two in China, to cultivate new technologies.

Intel revealed the investment targets during its Tenth CEO Summit. Implemented by Intel Capital, these investments will focus on technology-oriented start-up companies across three continents.

The two Chinese companies that have received Intel Capital's investments are Gudeng Precision Industrial Company, a Taiwan-based computer chip manufacturer, and Phoenix New Media, the Chinese Internet portal owner of the website. Other companies include Joyent Inc., a cloud computing technology company in the U.S.; Active Storage, a media storage technology supplier for Apple's computer users; Cruicialtec, a mobile phone and electronics-oriented optical input devices maker in South Korea; V-Cube, a networking video meeting system developer in Japan; and NeuString, a developer of operation analysis software for telecom companies in the United Arab Emirates.

As the world's leading chip manufacturer, Intel has invested in over 1,050 companies around the world since 1991 and its total investments have reached USD9.5 billion.


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