Lou Qinjian, a lead official from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and Rock Hsu, chairman of Kinpo Group, this week jointly witnessed the inauguration of the TD-SCDMA trial network in Taiwan, which will be operated by Kinpo's subsidiary Vibo Telecom.

Vibo Telecom has reportedly invested about NTD50 million, which equals about CNY10.6 million, in the construction of this network. The network will provide TD-SCDMA testing services for Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturers to accelerate their products' entry into the Chinese mainland market.

Hsu said the setting up of the TD-SCDMA trial network will make Vibo Telecom the only telecom operator that operates both WCDMA and TD-SCDMA networks in mainland and Taiwan, leading the development of Taiwan's high-tech industry and laying the foundation for Taiwanese operators' entry into the TD-SCDMA industry.

According to Zhang Chunjiang, vice chairman of China Mobile, since the company's launch of TD-SCDMA services in 2008, it has gained over four million 3G users and about 47,000 TD-SCDMA base stations have been built across China.


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