China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced plans to launch five measures to fight pornographic content on the mobile Internet.

According to Su Jinsheng, general engineer of MIIT, mobile Internet pornography usually exists in corporate promotion channels, contents from mobile phone website content providers, and within the subcontracting of servers. In addition, websites that provide pornographic contents change their domain names frequently to escape being found by the authorities.

Targeting these key links, MIIT will launch five measures: first is to implement an overall remediation in the service promotion channels of telecom operators. MIIT has required the three Chinese basic telecom operators to check their service promotion channels in a given period and to make remediation plans.

Second is to clarify the responsibilities for mobile phone websites' access. Access service providers should not provide services to websites that are not registered; all access websites should sign an information security management agreement and access service providers should cut off irregular websites in accordance with the order of related departments; and access service providers should check the contents of these websites regularly and report when problems are found.

Third is to regulate the subcontracting of servers. MIIT has asked operators to provide effective remediation measures to clear the server subcontracting problem.

Fourth is to regulate the collection of mobile phone Internet fees. The operators will make an examination on their fee collection partners and terminate the cooperation with those that operate illegal contents.

Fifth is to fight the change of domain names to escape the supervision. The country will make full use of the blacklist system to contain the repeated accesses of pornographic websites at the system level. Meanwhile, green Internet filter technology standards will be set up to block pornographic contents on the mobile Internet.


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