The O1, China's first 3G Ophone, formally launched by Lenovo in Beijing this week.

This mobile phone is a customized product for China Mobile and is currently only available in China Mobile's business halls and its electronics mart partners.

The pricing strategies for Lenovo O1 have also been publicized. The market price for a mobile phone is CNY3,999. However, China Mobile Beijing launches a special offer to users: people who deposit CNY3,120 in their mobile phone accounts and promise a monthly consumption of CNY208 for two years can gain the Lenovo O1 mobile phones for free.

In common retail stores, consumers who buy a Lenovo O1 can gain CNY1,500 communication fees as a gift.

The Ophone runs on a smartphone platform developed by China Mobile. Lenovo launched its first Ophone product named O1 in September 2009, but due to various reasons, this product has not been put into the market until recently.


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