China's Ministry of Commerce has announced plans to cancel the eligibility of 24 previously selected enterprises, including well-known brands such as Amoi, Shinco, and Inspur, for the country's rural home appliances and electronics subsidy scheme.

Since the launch of the rural home appliances subsidy scheme, 365 manufacturing enterprises and 362 sales enterprises have been selected as participants. To date, five of these enterprises failed to pay the performance bond on time and 19 gave up their qualifications because of adjustments of operating strategies. Therefore, these 24 enterprises were blocked from the rural home appliances subsidy scheme in accordance to related regulations.

The 24 enterprises are Amoi Electronics Company, Shenzhen Yiheyuan Technology Company, Shinco Electronics Group Company, Tibet Lanze Trade Company, Inspur Electronic Information Industry Company, Merloni Sanitary (China) Company, Beijing Tsinghua Solar Systems Company, Beijing Sijimicoe Solar Energy Company, Beijing Yuxin Yangguang Solar Eneragy Company, Shandong Linuo Paradigma Solar Energy Company, Tianjin China Resources Vanguard, Xinjiang Solar Energy Technology Development Company, Zhejiang Meida Solar, Zhejiang Shuanglu Air-conditioner, Chongqing Inno Team Industry Company, Shanxi Jinke Technology Company, Nanjing Wanlida Technology Company, Urumchi Tianhan Trade Company, Shenzhen A Best Business Development Company, Guizhou Tiandi Technology Industry Company, Tianjin Enboer Technology Development Company, and Shangpengtang (Wuxi) Electronics Company.


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