China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced that it will cooperate with other related departments to accelerate the legislation for a mobile phone real-name system in 2010.

The ministry stated basic telecom enterprises should launch various preferential measures to encourage users to provide valid identifications for real-name registration to increase the ratio of real-name registration mobile phone users. This will bind each mobile phone to an actual person.

It also said that it will cooperate with departments like the Ministry of Public Security and the State Council Information Office to accelerate the legislation in this sector and try to launch regulations for communication and short message service management before the end of 2010, providing a legal basis for overall implementation of real-name registration of mobile phone users.

In addition, MIIT has published a special action plan to further eliminate cell phone pornography. According to the plan, the Chinese government will rectify the key links in mobile phone network industry to purify the mobile phone network environment.


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