Chinese content delivery network ChinaCache has established a joint content delivery network research institute with Tsinghua University in Beijing.

"Tsinghua is very pleased to have partnered with ChinaCache on this important research initiative," stated Professor Kang Kejun, vice president of research at Tsinghua University. "ChinaCache has proven its CDN market leadership in China. Through this joint research mechanism, we will bring about tangible results conducive to creating a new generation of CDN platform and to developing network technology in the country as a whole."

With the newly formed research institute, ChinaCache and Tsinghua University will jointly conduct research projects to develop the next generation of content delivery network infrastructure. The planned research scope will include network computing technology, key technology to enhance high definition online video service, Web 2.0 applications and services, information and network security for content delivery networks, and other related technology for the next generation of content delivery network architecture.

Utilizing combined advantages of ChinaCache in capital, content delivery network technology, and marketing along with that of Tsinghua University in network, multimedia, and P2P research, both ChinaCache and the University aim not only to advance content delivery network and computer networking technological innovations but also to create a high quality talent pool for the content delivery network industry in China. Both ChinaCache and the University will assign research faculty, staff, and graduate students to the new institute.


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