News from China Internet Network Information Center is that CNNIC has published an online complaint reporting service to encourage Internet users to report issues related to bad domain names in an effort to purify the online environment for teenagers in China.

In recent weeks, CNNIC and Chinese government agencies have launched a crackdown against pornographic websites. One way they are attacking the proprietors of the websites is to disallow new .cn domain name purchases to individual users. Another method is to have domain name registrars revoke ownerships of domain names that point to pornographic websites.

Users can log on to report bad domain names. CNNIC states it will investigate and verify the domain name complaints while protecting the personal information of the users who make the report. In addition, the original reporting means of telephone: 010-58813000; email: [email protected]; and fax: 010-58812666 are still open to users.

Meanwhile, to encourage Internet users to actively report on bad domain names, from now on CNNIC's complaint treatment center will draw ten users each day from users whose reporting has been verified to give each of them a gift worth about CNY200.


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