Chinese telecom operator China Unicom and Chinese mobile phone maker Coolpad have jointly launched the first WCDMA/GSM dual mode mobile phone product, W700.

As China Unicom's first in-depth customized WCDMA/GSM flagship mobile phone, W700 mainly targets high-end users who are interested in China Unicom's 3G services, but do not want to change their mobile phone numbers.

Zhang Zhijiang, general manager for China Unicom's technology department, told local media that following the introduction of Apple's iPhone handsets, China Unicom's launch of this new high-end 3G mobile phone will better meet the diversified demands of high-end business users in China.

In addition, China Unicom and Coolpad will jointly implement a "star flagship product" strategy and will help promote the phone. Integrating the resources of the two parties, they will plan a series of promotional activities, including advertising and a mobile phone fee subsidy program.


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