China Telecom plans to establish a product center and will set up six content bases in five cities in China to develop a wider array of 3G software applications.

According to reports in local media, China Telecom's product center will reportedly be in charge of the company's product development and management, enhance product planning, and build product bases. China Telecom's six content bases include the music base in Guangdong; the mobile phone game and the Internet of Things bases in Jiangsu; the eSurfing video base in Shanghai; the mobile e-book base in Zhejiang; and the software supermarket base in Sichuan. These bases will be operated by its provincial branches.

Prior to this announcement, China Telecom Sichuan was engaging in the establishment of China Telecom's online applications store, eSurfing Space AppMarket, which is currently undergoing beta tests. This store is not only an applications download platform for mobile phone users, but also an online sales platform for mobile phone applications developers.

At present, eSurfing Space AppMarket has launched 11 kinds of applications, covering games, themes, entertainment, lifestyle, reading, communications, commerce, travel, education, finance, and tools for devices and platforms such as Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Symbian.


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