There's great news emanating from Beijing for guys with mistresses or people who want to separate their work-related mobile phone numbers from their personal phone numbers.

China Mobile's Beijing branch this week launched a new multi-number service for a single SIM card. With the new service, China Mobile's users in Beijing will be able to bind four different mobile phone numbers to one SIM card, providing convenience to people who often have busy lines or want to have multiple numbers to give to people.

China Mobile's customer service staff told local media that users can bind three additional numbers to their SIM cards and they can choose any of these four numbers to make calls and send messages. At the same time, calls dialed to these four numbers and messages sent to these numbers can be received with a single mobile phone.

China Mobile Beijing's various brands, including Gotone, M-zone, and Easyown, are all available for this new multi-number service and each additional number will cost an additional CNY15 each month,

Prior to the launch of this service, mobile phone users who needed multiple numbers usually used dual-mode mobile phones or had to carry different mobile phones in their pockets.


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