Following its acquisition of the Japanese electronics retailer Laox, the Chinese electronics retailer Suning has announced plans to introduce its China outlets to more Japanese-made products.

In July 2009, Suning acquired a 27.36% stake in Laox, making it the largest shareholder of the Japanese company. After that, Suning set up a new Tokyo region, the 35th region for Suning, and appointed Luo Yiwen, president of Laox, an additional role as regional general manager.

For the development of this new region, Suning also set up a special department in its headquarters, taking care of various approvals required for imports and exports, as well as establishment of a supply chain relationship. Products exchanges are expected to be realized in 2010 and Shanghai will be the first area within China where Suning pans to sell these Japanese products.

Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning, told local media that one of Suning's important goals of acquiring Laox is to set up a product collaboration platform. On one hand, it plans to introduce Japan's animation, video, and instrument products to enrich the product structure of its stores in China; on the other hand, it will export Chinese-made products to foreign countries to take advantage of China's manufacturing industry.

However, Zhang said that China is still its main market and the company will further increase its market share in the country. He revealed Suning will build a fourth-generation logistics base with an area of 250 mu in Shanghai and will add 15 to 20 new stores to this marketplace, increasing the number of its retail outlets in the city to 80.


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