The China Telecom Shandong branch announced that it has cooperated with six well-known mobile phone makers, including Hisense, Coolpad, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, and Dopod, in the setting up a mobile terminal joint lab.

This is reportedly the first joint lab co-founded by a telecom operator and so many mobile terminal makers in China. The establishment of this lab is said to meet users' increasing demands for individualized mobile services and terminals and it will lead the personalized development of mobile phones in China.

China Telecom Shandong said that by cooperating with well-know mobile phone makers in the industry, it can make in-depth research on the practical needs of users. The joint lab will focus on the customized appearances of mobile phones and the in-depth customization of telecom services to provide mobile phones that can meet the various needs of users.

At the same time, to meet the information demands of the government and enterprises, China Telecom Shandong will also pay more attention to customized terminals. So far, China Telecom Shandong has implemented information solutions for over 80 projects of 26 major categories, including e-government, safe city, and digital hospital. The operator will cooperate with related manufacturers to create more information terminals to allow government and enterprise users as well as individual users to enjoy more applications.


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