Based on users' complaints and investigations done by its provincial affiliates, China Mobile has punished five mobile phone game service providers and seven wireless music service providers to which it offers network access.

The five mobile game value-added service providers are reportedly MNC, Guangzhou Dongyi Information Technology Company, Beijing Dongfang Huiqun Technology Development Company, Beijing Astrolink Company and Suiqu (Beijing) Technology Company. The problems of these parties reportedly include using the charging code allocated by China Mobile for other services and violating the games service management rule of China Mobile.

So far, China Mobile has punished these companies by deducting their credit points and ordering the serious violators among them to suspend their businesses.

The seven infringing wireless music service providers are Shenzhen Guotou Yingxun Technology Company, Shenzhen Dynamic Wireless Network Technology Company, Beijing Qiankun Shengshi Culture Company, Hanghzou Xuancai Culture and Art Planning Company, Zhengdong Music and Entertainment Consulting (Beijing) Company, Beijing Aiyue Space Culture Company and Sichuan Konggu Echo Culture Company.

The first four companies were accused of providing content that infringed various copyrights and the latter three were criticized for a failure in offering marketing resources by their partners. These parties have all been punished with their credit points deducted by China Mobile.


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