Taiwan-based original equipment manufacturer Foxconn has announced plans to raise salaries for all of its factory employees.

According to local media, Foxconn increased the salaries of about 200,000 employees by over 30% from June 1, 2010. As a result of the adjustment, an ordinary Foxconn worker will earn CNY1200 each month in comparison to the previous CNY900 and the team leaders will get a 30% raise in their monthly salary based on the current salary level.

Foxconn said it will soon announce a measure regarding the salary issues of employees at senior positions. The company stated that the adjustment in salary is mainly based on the increase of goods price and living expenditures as well as the company's general operational status. Foxconn said that it attaches great importance to the health of its employees and hopes that they can earn more without working extra time and have more time for leisure.

The increase of salary is one of the measures that Foxconn has taken to ease the crisis caused by a series of suicides in the company's Shenzhen factory since the beginning of this year.

Foxconn and its subsidiary Hon Hai are the original equipment manufacturers for companies like Apple, Dell, and HP.


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